Portrait of Richard Caesar

Richard Caesar

is directing films since the mid nineties. His work includes commercials, feature film and theatre. He also is a skilled editor, visual effects compositor and photographer. Each assignment Ric commits to fully profits from this broad experience – whether it comes to storytelling, postproduction or working with actors and celebrities.

Ric is the son of a French dentist and a German paintress. He started his career as a photographer, but quickly expanded into directing. Following film school, Ric lived in London, Paris and Los Angeles, where he worked closely with renowned industry members such as Bernd Eichinger (Resident Evil, The Name of the Rose), Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Patriot) and Academy Award winner Vilmos Zsigmond (Deer Hunter, Heaven’s Gate). Ric’s US feature film “The Calling” was shown in cinema and TV all around the world. He also earned his share of awards (amongst others several times Gold and Silver New York, Gold Chicago, Grand Prix Biarritz, Gold German Corporate Film Award, Animago Award, Silver Effie). Besides directing, Ric ran a postproduction house of his own for a couple of years, deepening his background in editing and visual effects.

During recent years, Ric specialized in beauty and lifestyle commercials, but you’ll find him totally open to any visual challenge – from a documentary vignette to a scripted feature film.


On Set

Ric works towards a calm, positive and constructive atmosphere. For a personal impression, please enjoy the little behind the scenes to the right.

To Ric, it’s all about preparation, mutual respect and concentration. The camera should roll as much as possible and discussions – if not ideally already sorted out during PPM – are kept constructive and away from actors and models.

When it comes to postproduction, Ric is more than happy to assist with his experience in editing, compositing, grading and 3D – even after his assignment as a director has ended.



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