– about me –

I guess I’m not someone for just one thing. Starting as a PHOTOGRAPHER, I studied FILM DIRECTING, became an EDITOR and VISUAL EFFECTS ARTIST and ended up directing COMMERCIALS, TV SERIES and FEATURE FILM. And I still find it hard to decide which part of this wonderful craft I like most.

During my time in MUNICH, PARIS and LOS ANGELES I develloped several feature film projects and directed two of them (FANTASY FOR A NEW AGE, THE CALLING) as well as one TV series (AGAINST THE WIND). This experience proved invaluable in my commercial work, when it came to storytelling or when working with actors and celebrities. As did all my time spent in editing rooms and vfx suites regarding timing, camera-angles and CG.

Lately, I started to teach COMMERCIAL DIRECTING at the MUNICH FILM SCHOOL. It gives me a lot of pleasure to pass on the things I learned from working for big brands like L’ORÉAL, DAIMLER-BENZ, NIVEA, MAURICE LACROIX, CALVIN KLEIN or OLAY, and on behalf of wonderful creatives in major agency networks around the globe, like DDB, YOUNG, GREY, HAVAS, BBDO or FCB.

Last but not least, I never stopped to pursue my passion for PHOTOGRAPHY and enjoy to also shoot the PRINT CAMPAIGN on projects I direct.

– working together –

When it comes to commercials my utmost concern is to support you get your project in shape. If you want my input for the storyboard, great, but if you already got everything fleshed out and tested ten times over, needing anything but some crazy director questioning it all again, that’s just as fine for me. I’ll offer you my ideas, you decide what you like and what you don’t and there we go. As partners in crime.

I’ve been around long enough to understand under what kind of pressure agencies and clients work and that my job is not to add to this, but take from it. By building TRUST, by looking at things through your eyes, and by offering SOLUTIONS. And while finding the “COOLEST SHOT” is certainly one aspect of commercial making, it is but one of many.



Commercials Unlimited, London

Schokolade, Stuttgart & Berlin

25th Frame, Mumbai

EdCommercials, Warsaw


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