Editing & Vfx

Above portfolio features work that I edited, graded and composited. I also directed the live action (stock footage in Quickschuh, Medimax and MyStyle excluded) and in one case I operated the camera (Anamor).

Of course there is a lot more, not counting all the films I exclusively directed or those I postproduced during my time at The Lizard Lounge, the postproduction boutique I founded together with NY based East Side Effect’s Michi Huber.

Links dedicated to my work as a director, writer and photographer are available on top of this page.

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In between directing commercials I created more than two dozen projects of different sizes for the Munich agency For Sale Services. Below Creative Director Stefan Filtgen’s and CEO Christian Rechmann’s thoughts about our collaboration on behalf of clients such as Liebherr, XXXL Lutz, Medimax or Playboy Magazine.

STEFAN FILTGEN:Ric is our secret weapon for all creative and technically challenging work in the visual field: From image-films to animations or classic commercials – Caesar scores in every discipline. And this highly motivated, uncomplicated and often with an even better idea for an even better result. Ric‘s eye is simply indispensable!

CHRISTIAN RECHMANN: “With Richard Caesar we realized a wide variety of film projects over the years. Be it directing, editing, post-production, 3D animation or photography – we’ve always been taken care of in a most professional way and at all times got that little bit more input that turns a good film into an even better one.”